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 Baza Property Sales

Baza, Almeria, Southern Spain 

Almeria Homes has a varied selection of properties for sale in Baza. We have both old properties for renovation, renovated cortijos and new villas for sale.

Being the largest municipality of the province of Granada, Baza stretches over 545 km2. The countryside can be classified as having three defined areas: The Sierra, the Meseta and the Vega.

The Sierra of Baza occupies more than half of the Municipal area with rocky mountain peaks reaching altitudes of over 2000m.

In contrast, the Vega and the Meseta are flat plains surrounding the city of Baza, mainly dedicated to agricultural uses, although in recent times more of this land is being devoted to the construction of new property. For that reason we are able to offer new villas and country properties for sale in the suburbs of Baza at very reasonable prices.

The region of Baza has a population of around 20,000, of which around 90% reside in and around the city of Baza. The remainder are found to be living in the large towns nearby such as el Baul, Caniles, Cullar and Freila.

The traditional cave houses of Baza are becoming very popular, particularly in the development of rural tourism. They offer an ideal environment for living all year round, being easy to heat in the winter and cool in the summer. We have several cave houses around Baza for sale.

There are diverse activities to be enjoyed in the region of Baza. Within the city are various monuments and Arabic baths to be explored, and the surrounding countryside offers the opportunity for hiking, mountain biking and paragliding.

The city of Baza is easily reached from the A92 Motorway which spans from Alicante to Seville.